Jose Marques is a 20-year veteran of many investment management businesses on both the buy and sell sides. His experience managing, driving and providing strategic direction on a global basis and across a wide variety of trading oriented businesses and asset classes is substantial. He is a very engaged hand on manager but still retains a clear investor-oriented focus, a high level of business acumen and an unimpeachable sense of personal responsibility. Additionally he has extensive experience in trading technologies and is extremely well versed global market structure and regulatory frameworks. He is also has a significant public presence and is a frequent contributor to market dialogue through many channels including video and print media, public speaking and conference appearances as well as direct engagement with market participants and with global regulatory bodies.
Jose currently serves as CEO and is the Founder of Inferent Capital, LLC a quantitative process driven investment management business focusing on global equity market neutral strategies leveraging the latest advances in data science.
Prior founding Inferent Capital, Jose was the Head of the Trading Department and is responsible for all trading operations at Bridgewater Associates, LP. In this role Jose manages exposure implementation globally across all asset classes, all operational aspects of the trading business including counter party management, risk management, cost management and associated technology, as well as the development of liquidity inputs into Bridgewater’s investment process.
Before joining Bridgewater, Jose was Managing Director and held the roles of Global Head of Equity Electronic Trading and Global Head of Execution Product Development at Deutsche Bank. As head of Electronic Trading, Jose was responsible for all aspects of the electronic trading business including sales & marketing, trading & coverage, product development, operations and technology. As head of product development, Jose was responsible for the development and operations of all equity execution platforms spanning High Touch Cash Trading, Program Trading, Electronic Trading, Index Arbitrage and ETF Market Making businesses. Operations managed by Jose included trading centers spread
across Europe, Americas and Asia plus near and off shore resourcing (development and quantitative) in Moscow, Mumbai, Jacksonville, Birmingham and Singapore with total staff numbering 643. Additionally Jose was co-chair of Deutsche Bank's firm wide Algorithmic and Electronic Trading Oversight Committee which is responsible for the control of all bank wide trading systems and platforms across all asset classes. Finally Jose was responsible the strategic investment portfolio for the Equities Division and represented Deutsche Bank on the boards of several portfolio companies.
Beginning in 2005, Jose was Managing Director responsible for market making and internalization at Credit Suisse and part of the management team at AES. His key contributions included the global development of CrossFinder, the first and still largest non-exchange small lot matching facility (dark pool). He was also responsible for development and operation of Credit Suisse's algorithmic options product in the US. Additionally he initiated and operated the principal strategic investments portfolio for the Equities Division that included the first sell-side participation in BATS, investment in equity and options exchanges including the Philadelphia Exchange, the Boston Stock Exchange, and the National Stock Exchange as well as numerous fin-tech companies and alternative trading platforms including Trading Screen, Turquoise, Boat, LeveL, and BIDS.
During the first ten years of his career, Jose developed and ran several fully electronic quantitative statistical arbitrage businesses at Hull Trading (acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2000), Morgan Stanley and Telic Management LLC.
Over the years, Jose has had significant opportunities to serve on a number of company boards where he has had the ability to drive the strategic agenda ranging from start ups to major global exchanges including: BATS Global Markets, NASDAQ OMX BX Regulatory Board, the Philadelphia Exchange, the Boston Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange, Trading Screen, Level ATS (Chairman), BIDS, and Mantara.
Jose's academic background includes a PH.D. in Physics from the University of California as well as a member of the Research Faculty at Northwestern University. During Jose's relatively short but prolific academic career, he published many papers in peer reviewed journals and had significant funding for his research activities from the US Department of Energy which were conducted principally at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago Il.