Michael Leary is responsible for Risk Management Execution and Infrastructure at U.S. Bank, in its credit card division. 

 A key area of focus is optimizing and improving the customer on-boarding experience - while simultaneously mitigating credit and fraud risks - by leveraging diverse data, behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence techniques in a next-generation Identity Proofing platform.

 Prior to his 20 years in the private sector, Michael worked for the Federal Reserve where he focused on risk evaluation of derivative investment and treasury management products.

 Michael is a founding board member of The Giving Tree, which is a non-profit organization that provides children opportunities to give back to their community through charitable projects and addresses issues including hunger, homelessness, and illness.

 Michael received his BS in Economics from King’s College and achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  He enjoys playing the piano, rock and classical music, and a wide range of outdoor activities.