Gilles Ubaghs is a senior analyst with Aite Group’s Wholesale Banking & Payments practice, where he is focused on business-to-business and commercial payments as well as the role that digital transformation is having across the enterprise and broader financial services sector.

Mr. Ubaghs brings over 15 years of experience in the analysis and financial services space creating a range of syndicated off-the-shelf and bespoke consulting projects for a wide array of clients at the enterprise, vendor, investor, and regulator level internationally. He has direct professional experience in European, Asia-Pacific, and North American markets, and always aims to bring local context into global payments issues.

Prior to joining Aite Group, Mr. Ubaghs was a principal analyst with Ovum, where he helped to build up its retail payments practice across a range of key topics, including vendor comparison reports on critical payments infrastructure, the impact of payment-tool and channel diversification on issuer and merchant strategies, and the competitive environment in the burgeoning mobile payments space, among other areas.

Originally from Belgium but raised in the U.S., Mr. Ubaghs is fully fluent in French and English. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and is currently based in beautiful Toronto, Canada.