Moderator: Erika Baumann, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Jason Carone, Product Management Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Marek Komor, Senior Director, Core Payments & Technology, Royal Bank of Canada
Mark Ranta, Payments Practice Lead, Alacriti
Rahul Wadhavkar, Head of Product Management for Commercial Banking, Infosys

The implementation of a payments hub can be an overwhelming, expensive, multiyear project with several phases. As the experienced can attest, funding and resources often run out before the phases are complete. But modern architecture can help make the implementation of a payments hub much more accessible and cost-effective. Today, the flavors of payment hubs can run the gamut from simply data warehousing and normalization to facilitating rule-based workflows and payment settlement. This panel will explore the types of implementation strategies and the benefits of a payment hub solution.