Rauly Butler is a San Francisco Bay Area native and has been in banking since 1982.

Rauly started his career at Crocker Bank in a Retail Management Training Program in 1982.  In 1986, Wells Fargo Bank purchased Crocker Bank and Rauly took on a large iconic bank branch in Downtown Berkeley where he was manager until 1996.

In 1996, Rauly left Wells Fargo and opened a branch for Mechanics Bank in downtown Berkeley and 4 years later, he was named the Head of Retail Banking for Mechanics Bank.  In 1996, Mechanics Bank was a $1 billion bank and had 21 Retail Branches.  Today, Mechanics Bank is an $18 billion bank and has 131 branches in California which run from the Oregon border to the border with Mexico.

Rauly is a hands on leader and he not only leads by example, but he lives that example as well. 

Rauly sits on the Board of 6 non-profit organizations, encourages local bankers to get involved in their communities and challenges them to become community leaders.

Rauly is passionate about banking and community banking, in particular.  Where others have predicted for years that Retail Banking will come to an end, Rauly maintains a firm belief that banks can continue to differentiate themselves and remain relevant.  Rauly considers himself an innovator and an early adopter, but he is also conservative and will study the experiences of other banks before making a final decision.