Moderator: David O’Connell, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Jay DesMarteau, Head of Commercial Distribution, TD Bank
Robert M. Fisher, President and CEO, Tioga State Bank
Mike Horrocks, Vice President of Product Management, Baker Hill
Mark Messick, Director of Products, Lending Solutions, Jack Henry & Associates
Noah Wilcox, President, CEO and Chairman, Grand Rapids State Bank

With rounds one and two of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) behind us, and possibly another round or two ahead of us, COVID-19 has changed business lending forever. In piping out to borrowers half a trillion in loans in a matter of weeks, SMB lenders and their vendors didn’t just create new capabilities—they created new skills and competencies. Lenders entered new markets, at scale, in the blink of an eye. Digitalization, only partially embraced prior to the pandemic, became mandatory and pervaded PPP. And most challengingly, everyone in the ecosystem had to cultivate the resilience to a lending environment in which the regulatory guidelines were fluid, something never encountered. And these new skills and competencies won’t be discarded as one-time improvisations but will become part of the new competitive landscape. This panel, including experts from PPP lenders and vendors, will help your post-COVID-19 institution become a more agile competitor by identifying and exploring the new competencies at organizations that are stronger as a result of PPP rather than battered by it.