Michael Rodgers is EVP and Head of Product Marketing with over 25 years experience across all the major asset classes in capital markets. He joined InvestCloud in 2012 to help lead strategic product and business development initiatives concentrating on creating and delivering commercially successful products to the financial marketplace. Prior to joining InvestCloud, he worked at PwC as Director, Capital Markets; at Netik as Managing Director for North America; at SunGard as VP and product head for two portfolio accounting systems and numerous senior management roles in operations and technology at Oppenheimer& Co., J&W Seligman and others.

Michael's interest in FinTech dates to 1990, where he studied Finance and Information Technology at NYU, BS Magna Cum Laude. He also holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and has written numerous articles on FinTech appearing in publications such as the Journal of Structured Finance and Banking and Technology.