Dr Jan Amrit Poser is the Chief Strategist, Head Sustainability at Bank J. Safra Sarasin. Since 2013 Jan Amrit Poser has been responsible for the Bank’s sustainable investment process and its corporate sustainability management. He is a renowned commentator on sustainability, as well as economic and financial market developments. Jan Amrit Poser joined the Bank in 2001 and has served as Chief Economist, Head of Research and Head of Asset Management. He joined the Bank after covering Russia and Eastern Europe for the Country Risk Department at UBS. Prior to returning to Switzerland, he worked at the Russia Division of the International Monetary Fund in Washington and at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research in Munich.

Jan Amrit Poser has a Doctorate in Economics from Freiburg University. He also studied economics in St Gall, Switzerland and Freiburg, Germany. He was born in Bonn, Germany and attended high school in Bonn and Geneva, Switzerland.