Wally Okby, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Dr Jan Amrit Poser, Chief Strategist, Head Sustainability, Bank J. Safra Sarasin
Jason Ulrich, Head of Responsible Investment – Wealth Management, Union Bancaire Privée
Anders Zachrisson, Strategy Chief, Formue

The intergenerational wealth transfer in Europe is ongoing, and private banks need to make the most of this opportunity. Younger clients and the complex millennial generation can also be elusive, however. Private banks need to not only bring their best offerings to this clientele in a timely way but also connect with them and nurture these relationships in a multifaceted way. The panel will discuss the various aspects of the millennial and wealth transition opportunity in Europe as well as the clear challenges. Where are private banks going wrong with this demographic, and what do these clients truly want? How can behavioral science ensure key business outcomes? And ultimately, with the importance that this demographic places on ESG and impact investing, what can the European private banks that lead the way in this area teach the global players?