Alois Pirker, Research Director, Aite Group

Robin Melnick, Head of Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, Addepar
Daren Pippio, Senior Vice President, Advisory Strategy and Business Development, Raymond James
Scott Reddel, Managing Director – Wealth Management, Accenture
Hussain Zaidi, Chief Strategy Officer, Orion

In recent years, wealth management firms have been continually expanding their service offering by taking into account the changing needs of their clients, such as aging investors who are seeking nontraditional support regarding healthcare, eldercare, and social security benefits. Younger prospects and clients are grappling with large debt burdens, which calls for support with debt consolidation, cash flow management, and savings techniques. As a result, wealth management firms must transition many of their financial advisors away from managing client assets and toward areas such as financial wellness, holistic financial planning, and goals-based wealth management. This panel will explore some of the key questions involved in this transition:

  • How is portfolio management changing for financial advisors in North America?
  • Are financial advisors outsourcing or delegating their role in managing client assets?
  • What is driving the growing influence of the model portfolio marketplace in North America?
  • What changes are on the horizon regarding the use of investment products and solutions?