Sophie Schmitt, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Judy Dougherty, Head of Enterprise Capabilities, Prudential Financial
Anton Honikman, CEO, MyVest
Andrew Lendnal, Executive Director, Financial Wellness, Morgan Stanley
Fahd Rachidy, Founder and CEO, ABAKA

A large share of Americans struggled financially before the pandemic, and employers were adopting financial wellness programs to alleviate employees’ financial stress. This trend will only intensify as many Americans face unemployment or pay cuts, and these solutions are badly needed outside the workplace as well. The demand for financial wellness has challenged retirement and wealth management firms to build holistic digital services that cut across product silos and that can address the financial needs of any individual, regardless of wealth. The panel will address the what, where, and how of financial wellness and the market opportunities and challenges these new offerings and trends bring to the industry. Key points of discussion include:

  • The core capabilities and services associated with financial wellness
  • Wealth management firms’ opportunities and challenges in addressing financial wellness
  • The expansion of wealth managers’ advisory services and product suites
  • How financial wellness solutions can support those outside the traditional employer model