Dorothée Chapuis has been Head of Client Strategy Office for Societe Generale Private Banking (SGPB) in Switzerland since March 2021 and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for SGPB Europe since July 2020.

A graduate of the École des Mines engineering school in Saint Etienne, Dorothée joined the Societe Generale group in 2001, initially in asset management where she successively held the positions of Head of Performance Analysis and Client Reporting and then Portfolio Manager. She then joined the Private Bank in France in 2010, where she was first in charge of developing private management offers and then responsible for steering business and the development of diversification, philanthropy & sustainable development offers. In 2015, she became Head of Marketing for the Advisory in Switzerland and then created the SGPB Switzerland Marketing department in 2017. In 2019, she was additionally appointed Deputy Head of Marketing for SGPB Europe.