Jurgen Vandenbroucke is managing director at everyoneINVESTED (the wealth tech spin-off of KBC Group), expert general manager at KBC and former head of innovation at KBC Asset Management, Belgium.   

everyoneINVESTED is a 2021 WealthTech100-company that helps its B2B clients to boost digital net sales in investments.  In a digital context, with human encouragement lacking, the biggest hurdle proves to be onboarding and risk profiling.  everyoneINVESTED offers technology components that turn banking clients into sticky investors based on cutting edge know-how in applied behavioral finance, choice architecture, investor engagement and onboarding.   Solutions of everyoneINVESTED include:

1) The Profiler, a hyper personalised, compliant risk profiling tool. The Profiler brings more profiles, better profiles and more business. In contrast to the classic questionnaire for investor onboarding which often leads to drop outs, the unique Profiler solves this by being a highly interactive, personalised and gamified digital experience.

2) The Conversion Engine addresses wealthy savers that don't hold any investments.  The Conversion Engine uses behavioral smarts to obtain a risk profile without the traditional questionnaire that would kill conversion. When concluding the integrated microservices, everyoneINVESTED brings its B2B client a profiled wealthy saver asking to execute a first investment order.

Jurgen is also guest lecturer at University of Antwerp on Financial Engineering, guest lecturer at Ehsal Management School Brussels on Financial Securities and research associate at Edhec-Risk Institute contributing to the program “technology, big data and artificial intelligence for investment solutions”.  He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Behavioral Finance, Journal of Investing, Journal of Investment Management, Journal of Asset Management, Journal of Wealth Management and Journal of Investing.  Jurgen is married and has three daughters.