Moderator: Alois Pirker, Research Director, Aite Group

Mike Orr, Co-Founder and CEO, Grapevine6
Scott Reddel, Managing Director, Accenture Wealth Management
Kabir Sethi, Managing Director, Head of Digital Wealth Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The current crisis has triggered a great deal of market volatility and increased call volume, which has pushed existing resources at wealth management firms to the limit. AI technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation, can be remedies and are most frequently deployed for customer journey improvements and client insights. The rationale for this focus is to increase capacity to respond to client requests, especially during a market upheaval such as the one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving clients with greater intelligence and creating bonded, trusted client relationships means taking “know thy client” to a whole new level with AI. This panel will focus on the usage of AI in the area of client engagement. How do leading wealth management firms see the role of AI today? What place will it have tomorrow? How can AI be leveraged to digitally engage clients? Do AI projects at wealth management firms run the risk of low return over investment, and how can this be avoided?